Frequently asked questions and answers

Please follow all the steps in registration. 

  • The number 1 issue we have is people saying the classes aren’t showing up.  You have to choose the days you are attending, then choose the type of housing you want and then if you want a meal plan.  Only after those items are done will it show the classes.
  • Class descriptions and information can be seen by clicking or hovering on the blue “” to see the information.
  • If you need to change your registration, that can be done by clicking the “view my registration” link in your confirmation email (came from Paul Clifton) and you can make changes.  To change a class you can simply click on the new class you want (unless it is a Friday Afternoon class – then you need to click on the checked class to clear the checkmark) and re-submit your registration.


Gear requirements will be based on the classes you are taking.  Be sure to read the list of required gear for the classes you sign up for.  You should at minimum bring your SAR Pack, Notebook, and Pen to take notes. 

Also be sure to bring any medications, electronic device chargers, and support items needed for the housing option that you have chosen.  
Please note – Housing at SARCON is NOT like a hotel.  There are NO amenities other than power, heat and running water!  Review recommended supplies under acocmmodations if you are staying on-site. 

There are dorms, dry camping or walk-in.

Please see the Housing page for more info.

Dorms – There are men’s and women’s dorms that hold approximately 20 – 30 people in each building. You MUST provide your own sleeping bag, pillow, blankets, towel, soap, shampoo, etc.  You may want to bring a locking suitcase or box for your gear.  There are small non-locking “nightstands” by the beds to place things in.

Coordinator Housing – You MUST bring your own bedding, towels, etc.  

Dry Camp – A section for tents, car camping or camp trailers (no hookups).   

Walk-in – Anyone who is staying off site and driving in each day for the conference is considered a walk in.  

The camp has an accredited kitchen (meaning they cook a mostly low allergen camp menu – there is dairy and gluten in the kitchen.) There will be vegetarian choices at every meal.  

The breakfasts will have choices of hot foods or cereal.

The lunches are usually sandwiches – full day classes will either break for lunch or a brown bag will be available for pick up for people on the meal plan.

The meal plan options are all meals or provide your own food.  You will either have meals for every day/night you are there or you will have to provide your own food. 

The only individual meal that can be purchased is the awards ceremony steak dinner, so people who choose not to purchase a meal plan, can still attend the awards dinner.

The person bringing the trailer/vehicle or tent will register and choose Camp and whatever meal plan they would like.  The additional member(s) will register for SARCON and will choose Walk-in and the meal plan of their choice.

Yes, you will have the option of purchasing a guest meal for the Awards Ceremony Dinner during registration.  This option is for people who are NOT attending SARCON, but will only come to the Awards Ceremony.

To ensure that you get the size, type and color shirts that you want it is HIGHLY recommended that you purchase your items during registration.  There will be limited quantities of shirts and hats available for purchase at SARCON.

  • SARCON Conference is $65.00 per person.
  • K9 Conference Additional Costs are on the K9 Page
  • Housing Costs – please see the faq on this page or the Housing page for non-rate information.
    • Mens /Womens Dorms $18.00 per night.
    • K9 Bungalows: $11.00 per night.
    • Coordinator Housing is $24.00 per night.
    • Camping: $10.00 per night
    • Walk in: $8.00 per day
  • Meals are either all meals or no meals (except for the Awards Dinner option)
    • See meal plan tab on this page for more information
    • The breakdown per individual meal however is:
      • Breakfast – 6.50 per day
      • Lunch, 7.50 per day,
      • Dinner 9.00 per day.
    • The Award Ceremony Dinner is $18.50.
      • If you purchase a meal plan the Sat night dinner charge is 18.50 instead of 9.00.
    • If you do not purchase a meal plan you can still purchase an Awards Ceremony Dinner during your registration for $18.50.
  • To keep overall costs as low as possible, ASARCA charges a nominal fee based on each persons total cost of purchases to cover the registration software and banking fees incurred.

The Arizona Search and Rescue Conference is a rain or shine event. The Arizona Search & Rescue Coordinator’s Association, LTD (ASARCA). reserves the right to cancel this event due to unforeseen conditions requiring cancellation for safety reasons or facility reasons. If in the event the ASARCA, or Incident Command Team, dictates cancellation of the SARCON event, attendees who have paid in full will receive a 100% reimbursement.

In all other cases, where an attendee/registrant chooses or needs to cancel registration prior to the event regardless of reason, the attendee/registrant must cancel at least fourteen (14) days prior to the start date of the SARCON event. To cancel registration, the attendee/registrant needs to notify the ASARCA of the intent to cancel in writing through electronic means, preferably through email, via their agency Search & Rescue Coordinator. The attendee/registrant who properly notifies and requests cancellation are entitled to a 100% refund of all their monies paid for the SARCON event.

Cancellations may be done through the registration software, however, they must abide by the 14 day prior to start date to qualify for the refund.

Anyone taking the Off Highway Vehicle certification class is required to provide their own ATV or Side by Side (UTV).  You must also provide your own approved helmet and eye protection.  Gloves are highly recommended.