There will be separate Men’s Dorms and Women’s Dorms.
The dorms have heating and electricity. The beds are twin size bunk beds with a plastic wrapped mattress. You MUST provide your own bedding and pillows.
There is an non-locking open cabinet next to each bed to place your toiletries, towel and gear for the night.
There are outlets to charge phones, etc, be sure to bring wall chargers.
The dorms have showers with hot water. Be sure to bring towels, soap, shampoo and shower
(Hint – the plastic covering makes the mattress slick with most sleeping bags, so a bottom sheet or blanket wrapped around the mattress will help prevent and dampen the noise of moving on the plastic. Twin Sheet sets with a good blanket will work in lieu of a sleeping bag.)

Dry Camping

The Dry Camp area will accommodate both tent and vehicle campers.  There are NO hookups for RV’s.
There are bathrooms available for campers to shower daily. Campers will need to bring all toiletries including towels, soap, shampoo and shower shoes.

Off Site – Walk/Drive In Daily

There are a few hotels in the area that may have availability, private rentals and national forest for camping.  SARCON participants who stay off site will be charged a daily walk-in fee during registration.  Parking is available at the main lodge where the dining room is for people staying off site.